Wild, Wild, Wildlife

February 26, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Costa Rica WildlifeCosta Rica is home to some of the world's greatest bio-diversity. Their tropical rain forest climate breeds an amazing assortment of plants and animals, some of which can be found nowhere else on the planet. The work that conservationists have done to limit development has helped to save some of those species for future generations. While we at Prosoft Nearshore are firm believers in being ecologically responsible, we also recognize the difficulties. The Costa Rican government has done an amazing job of balancing environmental concerns with a growing business market. While eco-tourism is a big factor in the Costa Rican economy, being able to develop new businesses and industries is important for a country trying to find it's place in the global market. Prosoft Nearshore is proud of our relationship with our Central American partners. We know that using such a quickly developing nation like Costa Rica as a nearshore software development partner is a great allocation of resources for us and our clients. The fact that the environmental agencies and government officials work together to ensure the preservation of Costa Rica's unique ecological gifts while still encouraging business development is a point of pride. Prosoft Nearshore is happy to do business with a nearshore partner that takes such a socially conscious approach. Costa Rica's commitment to responsible economic growth is just another fact that sets it apart from its Central and South American neighbors. Fostering democracy, encouraging top-class educational systems, and software training classes for its citizens are others. We hope that Costa Rica manages to continue its leap forward as a global player. We also hope that the amazing natural gifts of the nation will be around to amaze its visitors for generations to come.

Awards Season

February 25, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Prosoft Nearshore Awards YouFrom the People's Choice Awards on January 8th until the Academy Awards on March 2nd, Hollywood is in full award's show season. Nearly a full two months are spent as big production companies outsource their back-patting to the American public and small groups of impartial judges. Nearly every weekend during that time is spent congratulating each other on a job well done. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every industry got to spend so much time, money, and enthusiasm on telling it's compatriots how awesome they are? Imagine if there was an awards show season for plumbers. Or for software developers. Or teachers. Sure, most of these groups have ways of offering praise and recognition But none of them have more than fifteen banquets essentially rewarding the same prizes. Nor does the software developer awards have as nice of a gift basket. While we at Prosoft Nearshore don't have the ability to throw award shows for all the professionals from North America to Asia, from Europe to Central America, we would still like to offer a heart felt thank you to all the hard working individuals, all the forward thinking companies, and to all the industry changing advances in the past year. You all deserve a giant pat on the back and a round of applause. We at Prosoft Nearshore know that the industry of nearshore software development outsourcing isn't about to start having lavish parties thrown in its honor. But everyday we try to win the only award we care about: The respect of our partners. But hey, George Clooney probably looks better in a tuxedo than we do.  


February 25, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Looking at the FutureWhen "The Office" debuted on NBC, it was a brand new way to do an American television series. The fake documentary was a sharp departure from typical situation comedies which relied on what is called 'single camera' shooting. Rather than having a few camera angles to shoot static action, the camera followed the characters through the chaotic world of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. While the show itself was cutting edge, the product being sold by the company was in a dying industry. Dunder Mifflin was selling paper. In a world that relies less and less on paper while using more and more technology-based solutions, paper is rapidly becoming antiquated. Add in environmental concerns and giant office superstores, independent paper companies were being muscled out. This all provided a great deal of humor for the show, but it's less funny for people living in this reality. Everyone has heard a product being referred to as a "buggy whip". When technology outpaces a product, the manufacturers suffer and often fail. In today's business climate, companies have to be constantly vigilant to make certain that the commodities and technologies they are using don't become similarly antiquated. Companies like Prosoft Nearshore make certain that this doesn't happen to our partners. Sure, our software developers use the latest and greatest tricks of the trade to keep your projects relevant. But even beyond our excellent results, using Prosoft Nearshore is a great way not to be left behind. Saving time and getting the most out of your resources by using a software development outsourcing partner is a sure way to keep your creative team moving your company forward. Nearshoring in Costa Rica with Prosoft is a great method of getting the most for your money. The most communication, the most collaboration, and the best possible product. We'll even save some paper and communicate with you electronically. It may not be the best possible business for fake companies like Dunder Mifflin on "The Office", but it is the best possible choice for your nearshore software development outsourcing needs.

Olympic Glory

February 14, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Costa Rica hosts Winter OlympicsThe winter Olympics are usually dominated by nations that have a winter. During the opening ceremonies one might occasionally see an athlete from Central America. A national flag for countries like Columbia or Ecuador might be carried by their lone representative. But this is the exception. Most winter Olympic athletes and audiences are from cold-weather nations. Costa Rica, for instance, is warm weather nation that sent no athletes to Russia in 2014. Rather than train for events like the bobsled which might send their competitors offshore, they stayed home where the weather is delightful. With that in mind, the Costa Rican Tourism Board decided that the freezing viewers might want to vacation somewhere warm. They invested $500,000 to air 267 commercials during the two weeks of the Sochi Olympic Games. Millions of people will see the "Essential Costa Rica" advertising campaign, There is a thirty second spot which highlights the beaches, rain forests, and biodiversity of Costa Rica as a vacation destination. But the same campaign features an ad which was run in American movie theaters before movies in 2013. That trailer length advertisement featured Costa Rica's growing business world, economic strength, exporting power, and the value of their software developers in the world of outsourcing. It's nice to see the nation taking their promotion so seriously. They even tout the stability of their national government and economy. Prosoft Nearshore is well aware of the opportunities for business growth in Costa Rica. We have offices in San Jose, Costa Rica precisely because of the unique software development outsourcing services they can provide. They are an international leader in producing the highest quality developers and client service professionals. We at Prosoft Nearshore are enjoying the winter Olympic games, and while we support all of the American delegation athletes, we also support our corporate partners in Costa Rica for their innovative advertising campaign.

5 Tips to Increase Workplace Efficiency

February 13, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Increase EfficencyEvery company is looking to maximize the work put in by its employees. It's simple economics... Get as much quality work from your employees in as little time as possible. The key to achieving this is almost always to make your workplace a model of efficiency. Here are five ways to do it. 1. Eliminate Waste Most companies have at least a few employees working really hard on a process that doesn't even need to be done. Find the reports that no one uses. Locate the step in production that could be shortened. The best way to eliminate waste is to map the processes being performed, and study those maps for waste. 2. Get Rid of Down Time Breaks are important, but when your employees can't work because department is bottle-necking the work and keeping workers in other departments with nothing to do, it's infuriating. Look at the process map and see where work gets slowed down. Maximize the hands on deck for that department. 3. Keep Up With Technology It's a modern world, have a modern office. There are machines and software developments that can speed up your workflow. Take advantage of them. Every few months do a quick run through and make sure that you are using the most advanced technology possible. 4. Encourage Employee Opinions You're the boss. You should know the whole company. But the supervisors and workers actually doing their individual jobs will know the best ways to get them done. They also know the barriers keeping them from reaching their potential. Encourage them to collaborate on the solutions. 5. Work Happy Crankiness and dissatisfaction will kill productivity. And attitude starts at the top. Pass your positivity down the chain by promoting a workplace that is fun. After putting in these new measures you're going to make a lot more money. Share that money. Productivity bonuses are a nice motivation. Outsourcing your software development to Prosoft Nearshore in Costa Rica will help with a lot of those steps. Keep your creative and tech people on task by taking the development off their plates. Keep up with advances in technology and innovation by working with a pioneer in nearshoring. Get your projects done more quickly by working with a partner on your clock in the Central Time Zone. Finally, working with our dedicated and friendly project managers will help you keep a positive attitude. Prosoft Nearshore can't fix all your efficiency problems over night: but we can't hurt.

Electing Relevance

February 10, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Costa Rican Election DayFebruary 2nd marked a national election in Costa Rica. The National Liberation Party and the Citizen Action Party will remain in place as the government's two major parties, though the Broad Front Party had a strong showing as a leftist third party. The election continued the democratic tradition of Costa Rica.  It is widely recognized as one of the most stable and consistently well-run countries in all of South or Central America. The process worked exactly how it is supposed to work, with the population of Costa Rica removing potentially corrupt officials and replacing them with more trustworthy candidates. The stability of the government and economy in Costa Rica has led to an influx of business opportunities. Unlike other regional nations like Columbia, Mexico, and Chile, Costa Rica is able to focus on economic issues without fear of crumbling infrastructure or crippling government failures. Outsourcing companies are foregoing their offshoring methods and focusing on geographically closer options. With its growing economy and constantly improving quality of life, Costa Rica is now a destination for businesses and not just tourists. Companies like Prosoft Nearshore are taking advantage of the opportunities that such domestic tranquility provides. The elite levels of education and job training in Costa Rica offers software development outsourcing solutions in the convenient Central Time Zone. These are top-quality software developers and managers trained in all of the latest techniques and competencies. Prosoft Nearshore is proud to work with a nation that sets the gold standard for good government in a sometimes troubled region. Having complete confidence in the regulation and support for business owners is what allows us to call Costa Rica the ideal business partner. Nearshoring is a critical upgrade in software development outsourcing, and Prosoft Nearshore is able to stay on the cutting edge by working in the most stable nation in the region.

What Time Is It?

February 7, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Communication and outsourcingUp until 1918, asking "What time is it?" in America would have been a silly question. Local governments used some form of the solar calendar (putting noon when the sun was highest in the sky) to determine the time. By the time railroads came in to common use, a person could take a train for a half hour end up somewhere ten minutes later! But in 1918, America passed the Standard Time Act which established our current system of time zones. Now, one could be reasonably confident that when they took a train for a half hour, it would be a half hour later when they arrived at their destination. It stands to reason that the departments of transportation and commerce were instrumental in getting that act passed. The two institutions that are the most impacted are travel and business. A business simply can't function if it doesn't have an accurate concept of time. This remains true today. When working with business partners like software developers, it is imperative that managers be able to communicate on a common clock. This was a huge factor in the emergence of the nearshore outsourcing model. Business owners see the sense in outsourcing software development when necessary, but why send that work thousands of miles away and then not be able to work on the same clock? Working with Asian nations like India is often a headache because of the immense time difference. Software development firms like Prosoft Nearshore recognized the value of an outsourcing option in the same Central Time Zone in which so many companies already function. Nations like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Costa Rica all operate on CST. This allows corporate partners and clients to communicate more efficiently, staying on deadline, and working more collaboratively. We at Prosoft Nearshore appreciate the unique qualities of our partnership with Costa Rica. Our relationship with the Central American nation has been fostered by our ability to work on the same clock. Take some of your time to heck out the list of software development options available at https://prosoftnearshore.com and find out for yourself about the nearshore advantage.

Fruits of Labor

February 7, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

Costa Rica's important cropsCosta Rica declared a national emergency in December of 2013 due to a plague of cocchineal scale bugs. Costa Rica is one of the world's top producers of bananas, and the army of insects put over half a billion dollars of exports at risk. We at Prosoft Nearshore are pulling for the farmers, landowners, and people of Costa Rica to recover. It has been reported by the Costa Rican Phytosanitary Servce that up to 20% of their crop for the coming year is at risk. It's unfortunate that Costa Rica's own proactive measures may have encouraged the infestation. Recognizing the risk to their gorgeous indigenous ecosystems, Costa Rica clamped down on the use of insecticide in 2012. By trying to be environmentally responsible, the Costa Ricans may have courted an economic problem. But trade officials claim that there is no intention of resuming the dangerous use of heavy insecticides. It is important to know that the bananas themselves aren't compromised, merely their appearance. But foreign consumers are reluctant to purchase crops of bananas with unsightly brown peels. It is short-sighted, but the fact remains that Americans in particular are hesitant to purchase anything that doesn't look familiar. Even when the product itself is perfectly normal. Bananas and coffee are Costa Rica's two biggest exports. But more and more, the nation is importing business. By having multiple universities specializing in software development, many companies like Prosoft Nearshore are recognizing the value of outsourcing software development positions to Central American countries like Costa Rica. Prosoft Nearshore wishes all the best to the wonderful people of Costa Rica as they deal with this environmental issue. We also salute the government and economic officials who are dealing with the problem quickly and responsibly. Hopefully, the financial benefit of nearshore outsourcing will help them weather this storm of insects.


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