The Inception of a Good Idea

Creativity and InceptionIn 2010, director Christopher Nolan made a film with Leonardo DiCaprio about how an idea takes root. Inception was a commercial and creative hit, drawing raves from audiences and critics alike. DiCaprio’s star power and amazing special effects go a long way towards developing a blockbuster, but the movie’s real genius was in its premise.

Inception tells the story of men who work to plant ideas in people’s brains. The origin of an idea is hard to trace, and the movie explores that process with great detail. Where do ideas come from? How does the human mind transfer a fleeting thought in to a full-fledged concept? No scientific genius or neurosurgeon truly knows. Inception suggests that those ideas must grow organically in the originator’s mind.

Each leap in the evolution of a subject began as a single thought by a single person. While it seems unlikely that those thoughts were planted by a highly skilled team of dream travelers like in the movie, it is clear that those ideas take hold and change the world. Some are big ideas that alter the course of human history, some are small ideas that develop new sandwich toppings. Big or small, they share the common denominator of being tiny thoughts that grow in to decisions and actions.

Industries around the world are governed by such thoughts. Prosoft Nearshore took a simple question and developed a brilliant solution. Why are outsourcing companies limited to working in East Asia? The answer is that there is no reason.

They realized that outsourcing is a valuable resource but shouldn’t be governed by geographical norms. Why not take the outsourcing paradigm and shift it? By placing their software development partners in Costa Rica, they could open up new avenues of communication and cost-effective solutions to their customers. A simple idea that grew in to a big business decision.

No big budget Hollywood blockbuster can completely explain the way the human brain works. Surely Nolan or Leo didn’t have software development outsourcing in mind when they made their movie. But the principles of taking a small idea and applying it to the world around them is nothing new. Individuals and companies like Prosoft Nearshore have been following that path for as long as the human mind has existed.

Suntans and Software

Sun Tans and SoftwareA January 20th article in the British Telegraph highlighted the many options of vacationing in South and Central America. It focuses on the natural delights of the continent. From the rainforests of Costa Rica and Brazil to the Andes Mountains in Argentina and Chile, eco-tourism is a huge industry in both Central and South America. From the Panama Canal to the Columbian coffee fields, Latin America certainly lays claim to some of the most breathtaking sights in the world.

At Prosoft Nearshore, we never take the delights of our host nation Costa Rica for granted. The awe-inspiring mix of rainforest and mountain gives Costa Rica a unique beauty. Deep sea fishing, zip-lining, and water sports provide limitless fun and interesting activities. We are proud to be located in such a beautiful nation.

But we didn’t choose to work in Costa Rica for the white sand beaches.

Costa Rica is the regional leader for software development. They are home to four top-notch universities that produce some of the best software developers in the world. The movement away from antiquated offshore outsourcing towards more logical nearshore arrangements is spearheaded by Costa Rica’s location, reputation, and their superb production of both software and computer chips. Costa Rica provides Prosoft Nearshore with top quality and stays conveniently located in the Central Time Zone.

The Telegraph wisely illustrates the many fantastic natural beauties of South and Latin America. But we at Prosoft think the value of nearshore software development is just as wonderful to see. It is the quality of the software developers that led Prosoft to Costa Rica. It probably wouldn’t be a catchy tourism slogan, but this phrase captures the essence of Prosoft’s vision of Costa Rica:

Come for the tropical weather but stay for the best nearshore outsourcing in the world.

Coffee, anyone?

Coffee and Costa RicaEveryone knows that Starbucks is synonymous with coffee shops. They are ubiquitous. You can find a Starbucks in every city, suburb, or town in the world. From Columbia to Great Britain, from Costa Rica to India, they are simply everywhere. But how did that happen? How did a little coffee shop from Seattle get outsourced to every corner of the globe?

One can point to corporate strategies and the vertical integration of their distributors or the hundreds of characteristics common in any well-run company, but that fails to tell the real story. The real story is the time-honored tale of supply and demand. Starbucks recognized that overall coffee consumption was going down in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but that specialty drink sales were climbing. They focused on what the market really needed. The burgeoning market for lattes and cappuccinos was booming in tech savvy Seattle. So internet programmers and software developers drank at a local Starbucks and told their networks of friends on all continents. Starbucks was run by smart people who saw the opportunity to expand. An empire was born.

We at Prosoft Nearshore are taking the same path. We recognized the need for software development solutions that work congruent hours with their American clients. Prosoft supplied for this need by developing an outsourcing option in Costa Rica. Called nearshoring, this practice allows our partners to get top quality software development on their own natural schedules.

By being an industry leader in the nearshore revolution, we trust the same laws of business that made Starbucks a success: Find a product that someone needs, provide the best version of that product, and then let our reputation spread. Look over the software services we provide at and we believe you’ll want to partner with us. Meet with a Prosoft project manager. When you do, the Starbucks will be on us!

2014 World Cup in Brazil

World CupWith Brazil hosting the World Cup this summer, the eyes of the international soccer community will be focused on South America. The greatest “football” teams in the world will be on display as they battle for supremacy. Stars from the nations of Europe, Asia, and Latin America will battle perennial South American contenders like Columbia, Argentina, Uruguay and host nation Brazil for the right to hoist the Cup.

There has been a great deal of controversy about whether the Brazillians have the necessary infrastructure to host the tournament properly. Fears that South American nations lack the type of development that wealthy sponsors and fans expect have run rampant. Hotels, stadiums, and even roads have all been reported behind schedule. Software projections show many necessary building sites need to drastically speed up the pace of construction. With the event fast approaching, some experts expect the tournament to be marred by disappointing conditions.

The World Cup hasn’t been held in South America since 1978 in Argentina and it seemed like a positive development when FIFA chose Brazil to host in 2014. It could be seen as a black eye for the entire continent if the tournament is deemed a failure. The World Cup hosting hopes of Argentina, Uruguay, or even North America’s Mexico could be materially damaged.

The eyes of the world will be on Brazil as they welcome the world into their backyard. We here at Prosoft Nearshore have learned a lot about soccer since we opened our office in Costa Rica in 2008. We now have 50 associates in Costa Rica, Honduras and Bolivia who will be cheering on their respective national teams this year, in addition to us in the U.S.. Good luck in 2014!

Nearshore Supremacy

Nearshore SupremecySoftware developers understand that change is just a part of the industry. For talented software engineers, adapting to new technologies and business climates is all part of the job. The same holds true for the clients of those developers. ‘Adapt or Die’ is a phrase that is all too common in the modern business world. The organizations that recognize positive change are the organizations that survive.

The outsourcing of software development work is nothing new. Smart bosses have been saving their companies money for years by using an outsource option. But the image that comes to mind is always one of India. That is an outdated stereotype. Cutting-edge industry leaders are catching hold of the advantage offered by nearshoring. Work is increasing for nearshore software development as consumers are recognizing the benefits of keeping their work closer to home.

Companies like Prosoft Nearshore maximize developers productivity by working out of Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers a calmer political and economic climate than countries like Brazil, Columbia, or Mexico, while being located in the convenient Central Time Zone. This allows wise companies to have all-day overlap with their development team. With no dead period while one half of the team is unable to communicate in the middle of the night, teams can communicate better to collaborate on their projects more productively. At the end of the day, that level of productivity is what sets nearshoring apart from more traditional offshore outsourcing options.

To keep up in the ultra-competitive modern business world, forward-thinking companies are adopting the software development outsourcing revolution. The productivity and level of constant communication that is offered by Latin American offshore sites like Costa Rica is making all other options seem obsolete. These companies have elected to adapt rather than die.