2014 World Cup in Brazil

World CupWith Brazil hosting the World Cup this summer, the eyes of the international soccer community will be focused on South America. The greatest “football” teams in the world will be on display as they battle for supremacy. Stars from the nations of Europe, Asia, and Latin America will battle perennial South American contenders like Columbia, Argentina, Uruguay and host nation Brazil for the right to hoist the Cup.

There has been a great deal of controversy about whether the Brazillians have the necessary infrastructure to host the tournament properly. Fears that South American nations lack the type of development that wealthy sponsors and fans expect have run rampant. Hotels, stadiums, and even roads have all been reported behind schedule. Software projections show many necessary building sites need to drastically speed up the pace of construction. With the event fast approaching, some experts expect the tournament to be marred by disappointing conditions.

The World Cup hasn’t been held in South America since 1978 in Argentina and it seemed like a positive development when FIFA chose Brazil to host in 2014. It could be seen as a black eye for the entire continent if the tournament is deemed a failure. The World Cup hosting hopes of Argentina, Uruguay, or even North America’s Mexico could be materially damaged.

The eyes of the world will be on Brazil as they welcome the world into their backyard. We here at Prosoft Nearshore have learned a lot about soccer since we opened our office in Costa Rica in 2008. We now have 50 associates in Costa Rica, Honduras and Bolivia who will be cheering on their respective national teams this year, in addition to us in the U.S.. Good luck in 2014!